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Provider Directory for HCA on Aetna DocFind®

2014 Well Care administered by Aetna (all Levels)

2013 Well Care administered by Aetna (Levels A and B)

2013 Well Care administered by Aetna - (Level C)

Market-Specific Physician Networks

Additional physician networks have been set up to apply for certain areas. If you are in one of these areas, check the provider directory link below first. If there is not a provider for a particular specialty in your area-specific network, click on the applicable Well Care links above.

Cartersville and Rome: HCAPS
New Hampshire: HCAPS
Kansas City: HMCC PHO
Richmond: VQCP / HCAPS
For more information on the VQCP network click here

Aetna Managed Choice POS (Las Vegas area)

Aetna Dental DMO

Member Website for HCA

Aetna Navigator®
Online resource for personalized benefits and health information. All Well Care, Managed Choice POS and DMO members can take full advantage of the interactive website to complete a variety of self-service transactions online.